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Dr Orion Kooistra Physical Therapy


I'm Dr. Orion Kooistra, but you can call me Orion.  I have been a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2010.  In 2020 I became a board-certified Orthopedic Specialist.  My professional life is dedicated to helping active Oregonians of all ages and abilities heal their injuries and get back to doing what they love and need to do. 

My aim is to keep you in the game, whatever your game happens to be.

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My Story

I was born in Anchorage, AK before moving to Fairbanks.  I lived an active life in the woods of Chena Ridge, where I learned the ways of the moose, the lynx, and the wiley red squirrel. In high school I played basketball and tennis, and run cross-country and track.  I never liked cross-country skiing because my feet always got cold.  I snowboarded a little bit but was secretly glad when a garage fire burned up my snowboard.


Years later injuries stopped going away like they used to.  It was in the great State of Oregon that physical therapy saved me from having to give up the things I love to do.  I discovered yoga and CrossFit and later became a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an Orthopedic Specialist.  Then I asked myself "how can I pay this forward?  What would the red squirrel do?" Well, the red squirrel would just get into your roof and nest in your insulation so maybe spirit-animal wisdom wasn't the answer. 


I realized I could open a private practice dedicated to delivering one-on-one care with a more human touch.  With the support of my amazing wife, Kara, and our beautiful son, Rockwell, Neighborhood Physical Therapy was born.  I'm glad you found me and my clinic, and I hope you get in touch soon if you need some help with your injuries.


I'm always looking to help people heal their injuries and lengthen their healthspan.  

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