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Tips For Tech Neck Transformation!


Tech Neck Epidemic

Tech. We all use it. Necks. We all have one. They don't always work well together, as anyone who has ever gotten a sore, tight neck from hunching over a laptop for a few hours can tell you.

What to do? We can't throw our tablet and smartphone out the window or we probably won't be able to work, plus YouTube ain't going to watch itself. We can't get rid of our necks because a lot of important stuff runs through there plus we need something to hang our bling on and pop our collars around. I guess we're going to have to figure out how these two things can co-exist without compromising our health.


Exercise Snacks

I love this concept. Here's why:

  • Quick: from 1-10 minutes per session

  • Effective. It's a little recharge for your brain as well as body

  • Adaptable. You can do almost any intensity

  • Minimal Equipment. Just take a walk, use stuff around home and office, etc.

  • It adds up. By the end of the day I've often done 30-40 minutes of exercise that I didn't even schedule

Tech Neck Snack

Try this out but, as always, don't push through any kind of pain!

I'd recommend doing this every 1/2 hour: work for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break where you do 3 sets of the exercise and just spend some time with other movements and positions. Take a short walk. Lie on the floor and stretch. Change it up.


Chronic neck pain is no fun. At Neighborhood Physical Therapy I help people out with this issue all the time. If your neck pain is persistent don't give up. There are a wide variety of techniques that can help even if you have a scary sounding diagnosis, some troubling findings on imaging, and have had poor experiences with providers in the past.

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