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Physical Therapy at NPT

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The three step process at Neighborhood Physical Therapy: 

  1. Get You Out Of Pain.  People just don't move well while they're in pain.  This leads to compensatory movement patterns, which can create new problems down the road.

  2. Address Root Causes.  Everything is connected, and the area where you feel the pain is often the 'victim' of dysfunction in another region.  For example, knee pain is often caused by dysfunctional movements that are happening at the hip or ankle.  At NPT I address those root causes.

  3. Prevent Future Occurrences.  I empower you with the knowledge and the tools to help you keep those root causes from emerging again.  

What We


Therapeutic Exercise

I prescribe movements to help a person bring their body into a state of better structural balance.  We lengthen what is short, strengthen what is weak, and work on skills that may be deficient.


Gait Biomechanics Training

If you are ambulatory, then the way you walk or run is really important, even if you need assistive devices to do it.  I help you put your exercises in a functional, useful context.


Home Practice Plans

Custom home practice plans made so you're successfully taking care of yourself between appointments.


Manual Therapy

I use a variety of hands  techniques to help movement feel better and improve.  These techniques include soft tissue mobilization (STM), joint mobilization/manipulation, and Graston tool-assisted STM. 


Sports Rehab

Sports put specific demands on the body, and a return to sport after an injury can be a daunting task.  I design a progressive program to prepare you to better handle those specific demands.


Online Resources

Videos and online resources will be placed on the website for your easy access to needed resources and recommendations.

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