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Get Better


welcome to the neighborhood

Neighborhood Physical Therapy is here to help running and fitness athletes of all ages and abilities break free of the
injury cycle and live their best life.  

I will help you get pain free and keep it that way while doing what you love.

Who gets the best results?

Active Lifestyle

Hiking, Walking, Bike Riding, Yoga, Kayaking, Bird Watching, Dancing, Fitness Classes, and other activities are essential for those trying to maximize their healthspan to get the most out of life.  We live in a beautiful place and I want to help you enjoy it!


Running, Crossfit, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Climbing, Grappling, and Cycling are just a few of the sports I have helped people get back to.  My goal is to get you back better than before your injury!

Youth Athletes

Kids today train hard and specialize much earlier than in the past.  Injury prevention is of utmost importance.  This is done by addressing imbalances before they become an injury.

Gym Equipments

education & experience

about  Dr. orion kooistra

Dr. Orion Kooistra was born in Anchorage, AK before moving to Fairbanks.  He lived an active life in the woods of Chena Ridge, where he learned the ways of the moose, the lynx, and the wiley red squirrel.

He went on to play high school basketball and tennis, and run cross-country and track. 


Years later injuries stopped going away on their own like they used to.  It was in the great state of Oregon that physical therapy saved him from having to give up the things he loved to do.  He discovered yoga and CrossFit and  later became a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an Orthopedic Specialist.  Then he asked himself "how can I pay this forward?  What would the red squirrel do?" Well, the red squirrel would just get into your roof and nest in your insulation so that wasn't helpful. 


Orion realized he could open a private practice dedicated to delivering one-on-one care and helping people keep doing what they love to do. Somewhere in the frozen north a red squirrel chattered its approval.

  • Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Board Certified through ABPTS

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pacific University OR

  • BA English, Macalester College, St. Paul MN

  • Graston Level 1

  • Crossfit Gymnastics Certified

  • Crossfit Level 1

  • Yoga instructor, Yoga Alliance 500 level


Help is here

My 3-step plan for your recovery:

Step 1

Get you out of pain

Step 2

Address The root causes

Step 3

Give you the tools to stay pain-free


  • You'll have my full one-on-one attention at each and every session

  • You'll get a customized program suited to you unique needs and abilities

  • You'll learn skills to prevent injury and progress performance for a lifetime


  • The joy of getting to do the things you love without pain

  • The empowerment of knowing what to do to prevent future injury

  • The fulfillment of staying connected to your teammates, friends and fitness community


  • The frustration of staying stuck in the pain cycle

  • The sadness of giving up the activities you love to do

  • The loneliness of losing connection with your fitness community

Begin Your Journey

Injured, frustrated, and uncertain

Finish Your Journey

Empowered, Self-Assured, and Skilled in Prevention



"Without Orion's insightful therapeutic guidance, I would most likely still be limping around in pain after developing an overuse injury at the beginning of the year from running and triathlon.  Instead, I was able to complete a half-Iron distance triathlon this summer thanks to Orion and Neighborhood PT! If that isn't a testament to the individual attention you will receive here, I don't know what is. Thanks so much, Orion!!!"

your victory

Starts With A First Step

Happy Soccer Players
Gym Equipments

mision & vision


"If you have a body, you're an athlete." - Bill Bowerman

Neighborhood Physical Therapy's mission is to empower its community to move better, feel better, and increase resiliency and healthspan regardless of athletic ability.  

My vision is better, more personal, preventative care delivered directly to the client by a network of community health and wellness experts

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